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COMMITTED’s Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2013-14

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You can find COMMITTED‘s annual reports for every single year since it was founded in 2004 here.

For the year 2013-14, click here or here.

Summarized below are some of the important contents of the report.

 SN Item  Amount/NPR Amount/(US)$
 1. Income  7,045,733.29  71,895.24
 2.  Overhead (not covered by projects)  629,496.36  6,423.43
 3.  Project expenses  6,004,365.20  61,269.03

COMMITTED made a number of changes in 2013. We changed our board and administrators. Our website was also completely revamped.

COMMITTED representatives took part in the Walk for Nepal fundraising walkathons in two American cities: Washington DC and Dallas, Texas. In the former, COMMITTED were the co-organizers. The funds raised through them helped fund fisheries in Thangpalkot VDC and water and sanitation (WASH) project at Raithane School respectively.

  • August 2013 post describing the justification for SBE projects and details of initial funding for the Fishery in Thangpalkot, one of which was the Walkathon in Washington DC.

Another major fundraising drive–Education Is Freedom–was conducted in May-June of 2013 raising over US$30K.

  • Click here to go to a page containing links to blog posts detailing the progress of the drive.
  • August 2013 post describing the justification for SBE projects and details of initial funding for the project, some of which came from this campaign.

This past fiscal year, we completed Social Business for Education (SBE) project at Dolagiri School and initiated one in Thangpalkot VDC.

At Dolagiri School, the project involved setting up solar electrification and vegetable garden.

At Raithane School and Chilaune School, both in Thangpalkot VDC, the project is a Fishery.

A number of School Improvement Programs (SIPs) were also completed this year both at Dolagiri school and at schools in Thangpalkot.

At the beginning of 2014 COMMITTED conducted “We’re COMMITTED,” an awareness and fundraising campaign. Following the event, COMMITTED’s friends in Sydney and New York held similar events to raise awareness and funds for the cause.



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