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Beauty Peagant Contestants’ Figures

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The biggest killer of girls and women of reproductive age in Nepal is SUICIDE. Not surprising since, men dominate and control most spheres of life in the highly patriarchal society of the country.

Since 1994, a group (of mostly men  I am sure!) got together and brought Miss Nepal beauty pageant to the country. In the nineties, I attended one of the Miss Nepal pageants. I even had an interesting experience with a couple of the contestants afterwards, which I detail in this blog post.

Anyway, in beauty pageants, there is a stage when the contestants have to share their figures! Some of the contestants in the Miss Peru pageant took the unprecedented step to present more important figures!


Almost a whole generation of Nepalese have come through since the first time Miss Nepal pageant were held in the country. (The Pageant has spawned dozens of others in the country!)

How long before our patriarchal society will allow something like that which took place in Peru to take place? Something like that where our girls and women are able to force our country to confront horrendous figures about girls and women?

Will it take another generation?



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