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USA: A Rigged System For The Benefit of The Rich?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

November 8, 2012: it had just been two days since the re-election of President Obama in the US. That day, I shared, on Facebook, how who is in the White House doesn’t make a real difference to the US and the world. The basic argument I tried to make was that regardless of who is in that House in Washington DC, the system of governance with lawmakers making laws which run and control systems in the country, and the Government of the United States enforcing them, is completely rigged. The lawmakers in the US Congress, being mostly very wealthy themselves, do the bidding of the super wealthy. For over three decades now they have passed or repealed laws which enrich the very wealthy, and will continue to do so in the future instead of passing or upholding laws that benefit the country as a whole as well as the planet.

And on November 6, 2016, Trump got elected…instead of Sanders. Oh, wait, Sanders never made it past the primaries…the rigged primaries!

Anyway, what follows is a reproduction of that Facebook status update and the discussion I had with a number of friends. I reproduce it here because it was an interesting exchange even then and now especially so in light of everything that has transpired in the US and elsewhere during Trump’s presidency over the past year and a half.

Of course, I have redacted all the names to protect the privacy of my friends AND also because my intention behind reproducing the exchange is NOT to embarrass or humiliate them in any way.

What do you think?

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