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IEF 2018: Read To Lead

Reading Time: 1 minute

At the Innovation in Education 2018 fair, I made a short presentation on the benefits of reading to children. Noticing that the participants in the audience where taking notes, I told then that they don’t need to, that I would publish at least the most important bits for their benefit. My presentation was one of three different presentation on literacy.

And, here they are.

I shared how I read to my little nephew and how I even volunteered to read aloud to his class, and did, once.


List of Sources:

There you go!

Incidentally, if you are interested in what the participants thought of the workshop as a whole, click here.



(Added after the publication of the blog post.)

CBC (Sept. 12, 2018). ‘Nothing short of remarkable’: Study finds parents’ chats with their toddlers pay off 10 years later. “A study published this week in Pediatrics found that toddlers with parents who spend lots of time listening and chatting with them are more likely to have better language skills and higher IQs a decade later than youngsters left hanging in silence.” [Added on Sept. 16, 2018.]

UNL. Reach Out and Read. About the nationwide program in the US, through hospitals, which encourages mothers, especially from low socio-economic backgrounds, to read to their children. [Added on Sept. 16, 2018.]


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