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Musings, Satire

Fight Fire with Fire!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Here’s how you fight fire with fire.

Here’s how you, as a driver, dictate the terms of your driving experience in Kathmandu.

Here’s how you drive Kathmandu.

. . . → Read More: Fight Fire with Fire!

Musings, Satire

Never End Piss And Love

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe streets of a country apparently is a window into the people and the country. Here’s a look at the streets and roads of Kathmandu for an insight into the heart and soul of the great nation of NEPAL. . . . → Read More: Never End Piss And Love

Musings, Satire

All for National Unity… Well Maybe Not… All!

Reading Time: 3 minutesPreserve our caste system, the foundation for our incredible cultural and ethnic diversity, and help maintain the unity in people of our one and only country Nepal to fight against both the people who oppose it and all ills afflicting the country. As they say, “United we stand; divided we fall!” . . . → Read More: All for National Unity… Well Maybe Not… All!

Musings, Satire

Horn Rules

Reading Time: 3 minutesOn the streets of Kathmandu there is just one traffic rule: there are no rules. What rules is horns. Horns rule how, where and when traffic moves! Horns drive Kathmandu traffic. How? . . . → Read More: Horn Rules

Musings, Satire

In a Hurry…To be Late

moving onwards & forwards

Reading Time: 2 minutesTraffic in Kathmandu is beyond bad! It’s absurd…but then what system in Nepal isn’t?! I have decided that one of the ways of dealing and coping with it is to make jokes and laugh about it. (The other option is to go mad, go crazy!) Here are two jokes Jerry Seinfeld might crack about it. . . . → Read More: In a Hurry…To be Late