Undergraduate (Bachelor’s level) Studies: Abroad

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As information about scholarship opportunities/options for Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Level) studies abroad become available, I’ll be posting them here.

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  1. Grinnell College, a liberal arts, four-year, private college in the United States of America provides a full scholarship to a Nepalese student every single year. I know because I benefited from one those scholarships and I have written extensively about my alma mater!
  2. Asian University for Women, a liberal arts college in Bangladesh offers financial aid to admitted students with demonstrated need.
  3. The University of Oregon, in Eugene is offering a $30k scholarship award to a Nepalese student to pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree at the University.
  4. Middlesex University in the UK has launched a scholarship scheme for Nepalese students. The page states, “The 10 million rupee (£62,500) fund can be used towards tuition fees, flights to the UK and living expenses.”


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The following is not scholarship for studies at American colleges or universities, but rather financial assistance for those “from disadvantaged backgrounds” with “with demonstrated financial need – those who cannot afford to pay the up-front costs of applying to U.S. colleges.” The Opportunity Funds Program administered by USEF (United States Education Foundation) provides financial support to cover the following costs:

  • TOEFL and SAT/ ACT registration fees.
  • College and university application fees.
  • Postage/courier fees for dispatching college and university applications.
  • U.S. student visa fees and SEVIS fees.
  • Travel to a testing center or U.S. Embassy (for students from outside the Kathmandu Valley).

Check their website for details.

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