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My Personal Stories

#LiefEh: Life Works In Mysterious Ways

Reading Time: 2 minutes Near the end of my academic career at Grinnell College, I wanted to “go see the world” after graduation. However, even until just months before graduation, I had really done nothing towards that goal! And yet, I ended up working, living, traveling the world for 19 years following my graduation from Grinnell in May 1994! . . . → Read More: #LiefEh: Life Works In Mysterious Ways

My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Oh, The Irony!

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the many issues I identified growing up in Nepal, which I believed would be the source of many unwarranted struggles to make something of myself, had been my severe lack of social capital. So, I worked really hard to escape from the country. Succeeding in doing so and spending most of my adult life abroad, I practically ensured I would have even less social capital when I finally returned home! #LifeEh! . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Oh, The Irony!

My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Coming Full Circle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Another #LifeEh observation. This one about how I did everything I could to leave behind, “escape” from, and rise above the yoke of the Bhote label…only to return to Nepal as a middle-aged man after spending pretty much all my adult life abroad studying, working, and traveling just to discover I have come full circle! . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Coming Full Circle

My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Friends, Marriage, and Nepal

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two observations about how the lives of my group of close friends from school in Nepal have unfolded. They didn’t unfold as we thought they would, not surprisingly. . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Friends, Marriage, and Nepal

My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Of Facial Features and Personalities

Reading Time: 4 minutes Leaving Nepal, I discovered a number of things about myself — such as my versatile tongue and the exoticness of my facial features — many of which I probably would not have, had I never left the country. Here are a few of them. . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Of Facial Features and Personalities