Grinnell College And Grinnellians Have Humbled Me…Again!

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Taken from the 2019 Alumni Awards page.

Once again, Grinnell College and Grinnellians have humbled me!

Had it not been for the near 100% financial aid in 1990, i wouldn’t have been able to attend Grinnell College at all. A little over two decades later, in 2014, the college invited me as the final speaker of Rosenfield Program in Public Affairs, International Relations, and Human Rights. I presented on the Human Rights and Education of Marginalized People of Nepal. The college topped that by awarding me an honorary Doctorate in Science that same year.

My Grinnellian friends, in collaboration with a host of other friends, former students, former teachers, and acquaintances around the world, humbled me when they ran a massive and successful Free Dorje Gurung campaign when I had been thrown in a Qatari jail back in May 2013. My freedom, the past six years of freedom, I owe to them and others who — I have discovered — worked tirelessly day and night.

How have they humbled me now? Just recently, they bestowed me with yet another award: Alumni Award.

To be honest, I had never even heard of the award until just a few years ago when my Anthropology Professor Andelson wrote to me about it. I had forgotten all about it until very recently when I was informed that my Grinnell friends had nominated me for the award and had been successful!

Once again, thank you to Grinnell College and to my Grinnell community of friends and peers!

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