Testimonials: Samaanta Foundation Fellows

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Since returning to Nepal in May 2013, apart from working at Community Members Interested (COMMITTED), I have been what I can to inspire the next generation of Nepalese to dream BIG and pursue them. To that end, I have been visiting schools and groups of youngster -- especially government schools and youngster from low socio-economic…

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Testimonials: SMD Boarding School July 20 Presentation

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On July 20 I gave a presentation to the SMD Boarding School family on Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalese. The following are the first lot of testimonials I received from the school. As and when the rest come in, I'll update this page. NB: Some of the texts were edited for clarity.  …

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Testimonials: If I Did…Why Not You?

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On July 7, 2016, I spoke to an audience of children from the remote district of Dolpa, at the invitation of Phurwa Dhondup. I talked about my life: how I managed to live my dreams and how, if I had succeeded, they should also be able to. The following are some of the testimonials I received…

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Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester, VT

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I visited Burr and Burton Academy from December 15 to 18. I visited the school as a guest of my Grinnell College friend Michelle. While there I spoke to a number of classes. The following are testimonials from two of the teachers whose classes I spoke to. Luren Silver, Visual Arts teacher. Jason Pergament, Director…

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Irvington Union Free School District

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Click here to go to the original post. For a letter from Main Street School, a school within this District, where I also went and spoke, click here.    

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Since saying good-bye to my longish teaching career and taking up social work, one of the things I have started doing is giving talks and presentations on a number of different topics at educational and other organizations. On this page, I shall be posting links to testimonials from organizations and people about those presentations. Here's…

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