Testimonials: If I Did…Why Not You?

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On July 7, 2016, I spoke to an audience of children from the remote district of Dolpa, at the invitation of Phurwa Dhondup. I talked about my life: how I managed to live my dreams and how, if I had succeeded, they should also be able to.

The following are some of the testimonials I received from those in the audience.


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ON JULY 7, 2016, Dorje Gurung kindly agreed to come and speak to nearly 60 children from Dolpo in Kathmandu. This was an extremely helpful session for several reasons.

First, he is a personality everyone in the room can easily relate to. He shares many similar experiences with the children in the room, and in many ways, represent their past, present and future. Second, his passion to ‘give back’ to the community made it a perfect opportunity for students from disadvantaged rural communities to hear him speak and learn from him. Third, several students were thinking of applying to UWC scholarship and the application starts just around the same time.

He both began and ended his presentation with a simple argument “If I did…why not you?” To demonstrate that he shared his powerful story. He also spoke about the UWC scholarship. Although the struggles he went through were not so new to the children in the class, his achievements were. That I thought was the most significant part of the presentation.

Many students were moved and inspired.  They were convinced indeed that one day they can also realize their dreams despite the obstacles to which many of them were born into. It was an inspiring session and I am sure it will guide the students for long to navigate their future.

I would like to thank Dorje Gurung immensely for coming and speaking to the children from Dolpo.

– Phurwa Dhondup


I FELT very lucky to attend Mr Dorje’s motivational and inspiring class. In that class, I got to know that he was also from poor background like myself. His father expected him to be just literate and work in his village but he decided to dedicate his life for inspiring and motivating others.

I also got the opportunity to learn that he faced many obstacles to reach his destination. He taught me to ‘never give up’ and be strong. Lastly, I want to thank you Mr. Dorje for inspiring and giving me new hope to pick up my days to come.

– Tsering Choezom, F, SLC,

Crystal Mountain School, Dolpa


I GOT the chance to attend the impressive program of Mr Dorje Gurung who is very helpful for the future of students from remote areas like Dolpo, Manang, Mustang, etc. He was one who struggled many more times for his future.

Your class touched my heart. I was lucky to meet a great person like Dorje Gurung. I was also glad to have information about the UWC organization.

– Lhakpa Dhondup Gurung, M, SLC

Crystal Mountain School, Dolpa


Mr. DORJE Gurung is a great source of inspiration and advice in that program. I got many information about UWC organization which provides scholarship to those who come from poor families and remote areas. I listened to his long journey and struggle.

From his life story, I learned that we should never forget our handwork and obstacles to get the right way for our bright future. Lastly, I would like to thank from my heart for giving great motivation in my life for success.

– Lhakpa Dolma, F, SLC  SLC

Crystal Mountain School, Dolpo


DORJE GURUNG is a man of inspiration and motivations. In the class, I got many information about his long and difficult journey to success and about UWC which gives scholarship to the children who are financially challenged and who have inner impulse to explore the world.

I learned that we must face obstacles and tragedies in life to open door to quality and successful life. So I would like to thank him for such a wonderful time and to learn about his life which is all knitted with full of hope, tragedies and happiness.

– Tsering Youdon, F, SLC

Crystal Mountain School, Dolpo


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