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The afternoon of July 1, 2016, I went and spoke to the students at Young Hearts Boarding High School, on the invitation of Anisha, a sister of a current UWCer, Anshika. The following are the testimonials I received from those who were in the audience.

NB: Some of the texts were edited for clarity.


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FIRST OFF, I’d like to thank the United World College Organization and Mr. Dorje Gurung for his awe-inspiring seminar. By sharing his true life story, he has indeed inspired many students to never give up on their dreams. Which is what we basically need in this world, more people to inspire students.  As we are all aware that it’s mainly due to financial crises that children fail to live their dreams. I personally felt moved by what Mr. Dorje Gurung had conveyed in his seminar  and am sure he has left a message with all the students that, “What’s impossible can become possible if you are determined enough”.

Best Regards,

Mark Arthur James Badger
Academic Consultant
Young Hearts Boarding High School



Your presentation in Young Hearts Boarding High School was great. I really appreciate your effort in the field of education and promoting education. Your story was a touching one since it can be related to most of the people in our country.

My students got motivated and inspired at the same time towards their dreams in life. I personally felt that the presentation showed the students that it is possible to create your own identity in the world.

Thank you so much for your time and effort. It actually makes a difference in the mindset of students.

Anisha Singh
Science Teacher at YHBS



I am very glad that you managed your time to give a presentation in our school and I am very lucky to get a chance to attend it. Your way you looked at life when you were young and the way you look at life now is completely different. We could very much understand how backward we were in our thoughts and tradition. I really want to work hard enough to be the change that I want to see. Thank you.

Tara Adhikari
SLC graduate of YHBS



Thank you so much for your valuable time in our school. I heartily enjoyed your presentation and specially your style. You are definitely a very good presenter. I am very affected my words and came to know that change is possible if there is desire. Our ex-student was a live example in front of us. Thank you so much for your effort.

Rohit Lama
SLC graduate of YHBS



I was privileged with an opportunity to attend your presentation in Young Hearts Boarding High School. Your story from no one to someone, how you believe you could fly and be something in your life has boosted my confidence and has given me the courage to answer my own questions-“Can I be what I want to be?” to “Yes, I can”.

I now understand that cultural understanding is a part of education. I have heard lecture on discrimination and social humiliation but your story was completely different. Your presentation helped me think differently and thank you so much. It was amazing.

Romansheeka Singh
Grade 10


I WAS there when the seminar by Mr. Dorje Gurung was held in my school. I found him a hardworking, polite and sincere person. The way he presented was so inspiring.

His life story gave an inspiration to move in life. Despite all the problems he faced in his life he is now a successful man visiting as many countries as he can, that’s maybe his life’s goal but I really got inspired by his travelling stories.

UWC has fulfilled the dream of many students especially of those who cannot afford it. UWC is a platform for us to show the world our talent and the special thing that we are born with. After hearing Mr. Dorje Gurung’s story, I’m eager to apply for the UWC scholarship and take the leap towards my goal.

Surendra Shrestha
Grade 10


I WAS very glad to attend the program conducted by Mr. Dorje Gurung. He first talked about himself. His life story was very inspiring and the way he achieved his success was an extra ordinary one. I was very touched by the fact that most of us in this country have gone through so much to create our own identity. It was something that I could relate to.

I really felt that UWC could be the platform form for many of the students who dare to dream without any asset in their pocket. In the seminar one of our ex-student Anshika Singh also presented her experience in the UWC College and I really felt that it was fun. So, I will definitely be applying for the UWC scholarships.

Yanzi Dolma
Grade 10


MOST OF the class 10 students and the SLC graduates attended the program conducted by Mr. Dorje Gurung, one of the members of the UWC. In the seminar he shared many interesting things with us about UWC and himself. We heard about his struggle, experiences, hard work and how he came on this spot.

The most important thing that I learned from the seminar is we can only get the achievement if you work hard enough. Though he was only here to talk about UWC scholarships but he ended up talking about his life experiences which was really inspiring. I would be looking forward to this scholarship.

Thank you.

Tenzing Dolkar
Grade 10


OUR CLASS had to attend the talk conducted by Mr. Dorje Gurung held on Friday. He was too a student like us but had many obstacles. Despite the problems he applied for UWC scholarships and he was lucky enough to get. This scholarship changed his life and not only that he got a chance to create his own identity.

I really enjoyed his travelling story and how he could travel so many places with very little expenses. I am very much inspired by his real life stories. Thank you Dorje Sir.

Nawang Diki
Grade 10


On the Friday afternoon, we students gathered to give our ears to a member of the UWC community, Mr . Dorje Gurung. In the seminar, Dorje sir told us about the UWC scholarships and his own life experiences. He has been travelling around the world and been many places.

I would really apply for this scholarship and hope I get it to settle the eagerness in myself about the world. I want to travel more, know more, do more, gain more than just from books.

Thank you so much for coming to our school and give us a very worthwhile presentation.

Sadikshaya Sharma


ACCORDING TO me, after I attended the workshop of Mr. Dorje Guirung, UWC has become institutions which provides a better future for the students. It gives opportunity to the students who has a strong determination and want to achieve some goals in their life.

Dorje sir, was inspiration to us. His story was exemplary story that somehow encouraged others and of course me. I am very grateful that he gave us his valuable time.

Rakshanada Shrestha
Grade 10


I AM Hriday Kanta Rai. I took a part in the workshop hosted my Sir Dorje Gurung of UWC community. I thought he was an energetic person for that age. I was very touched by the struggle he faced in his life and how the determination in him never let his fall and kept him going.

The seminar motivated and made a positive impact on most of us. He had insanely amazing things to say like how he travelled some many places with the help of his friends and how an ordinary boy studying in Mustang at last happening to be a UWC graduate which he had never thought off. I was very amazed by his efforts to promote education. This scholarship provides opportunity for general people to have better education facilities.

Hriday Kanta Rai
Grade 10


DORJE SIR’s visit to Young Hearts was an unforgettable one for me. He came to talk about UWC scholarship and he shared his life stories and experiences with us. I am very impressed by how he travels around the world He even encouraged us to travel around, try different food, see many cultures , etc. which I really want to do. I very much enjoyed his program and want to travel around the world like him.

Dhundup Tshering
Garde 10


I ATTENDED the seminar conducted by Mr. Dorje Gurung. I am so inspired by the program. He said many things about himself and presented the facilities provided by UWC if we get to go through it. He told how this scholarship brought a change in his life and he told us to apply it so that we could also bring the change that we want to see in ourselves and in the country.

His story was an inspiring one and how he lived in so many counties for 300 days without renting any hotel room. He showed us the different picture and path of life where life is more about a person’s will rather than the choices given by the life.

Shreya Budha
Grade 10



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