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Aug 10 2016: Samaanta Foundation Fellows’ Testimonials

Last Wednesday, as part of my UWC Scholarship outreach work I began over a month and a half ago, I made yet another presentation. This time to Samaanta Foundation fellows.  I talked about my life, UWC Scholarships and about following ones dreams in spite of seemingly impossible odds.

I shall be updating this page as testimonials/feedbacks arrive in my mailbox.

NB: Some of the texts were edited for clarity.


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DEAR SIR, [it was addressed to Shiri]

Today’s presentation was given by Dorje sir on “if i did…why not you?” It was very motivational, interesting, helpful and important for me. He shared about his family, his struggles, his previous lifestyle, and how he achieved success in his life. After listening about his previous lifestyle and other parts of his life, I felt more motivated and inspired by him because he was also from same background as we are.

He also told us that good relationship or friendship is always necessary. So we should keep good relationship to all. We should do something for our communities and nation. To achieve something in our life we have to make plan for this, and hardwork, struggle and education are all very important. If we want to do something from our inner heart, with hardwork we will achieve success one day.

Today’s presentation was very useful, knowledgeable, motivating and inspiring. For this I4 want to thank you and Dorje sir and I hope that we will have this type of program in the coming days.

Dipesh Bhujel


DEAR SIR, [it was addressed to Shiri]

Although, our Samaanta foundation organizes different workshops, motivational programs from time to time, yesterday Dorje Gurung sir gave the presentation which was motivational, filled with inspiration. It was informative. We got a chance to know more about UWC, including many other colleges and universities. Dorje Gurung sir shared some of his stories which was really emotional, heart touching and motivating.

Your will power can be your strength, if you are really committed to your aim, if you work hard then obstacles are not a big deal. We can easily pass through them if we struggle. To step back from the problem is not the solution. If you try to run away from problems they keep on following you. So we should be strong enough to face them.

Moreover, we all know how traditional we Nepalese are, especially in remote areas pupil are victim of illiteracy, ignorance. Our society restrict us in every field. We can easily find such person who dominate us, who always want to see us backward. So we should have strong will power and dedication to achieve success.

Life of Dorje gurung sir is also the source of inspiration.

Talking about yesterdays presentation, it was really good and appreciated. The way he was presenting was fabulous, there is flow in his speaking which encourage us. The theme of yesterday presentation was to discuss about UWC. During that time we learned not only about UWC but also about his life circumstances, which was filled with compassion, compulsion struggle and dedication. The way he spoke was so good but during the presentation in some place it was difficult to understand what he was saying.

And the main thing I learned is that if you have potential, if you are hard worker and dedicated toward the work then opportunity comes to you. Whether the opportunity is  small or big if you can go for them, they could be the platform from where your future could be driven in the path of progress. At last, I would like to thank Shiri sir for organizing such program and making us the part of that program and thanks to Dorje Gurung sir for his motivational word full with inspiration.


Rojeena Khadka


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