bank notes-scholarship pageOne of the number of things I have wanted to do for a long time but haven’t been able so far is compilation of scholarship opportunities for Nepalese students, both within the country and abroad.

I have wanted to do this for two reasons: firstly, so that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds have access to it and secondly, so that we at COMMITTED can use it to advise and help such students in their quest to advance their academic careers.

The other benefit of having this information is that it would obviate the need for me to keep begging for funds to support the education of deserving Nepalese students, as I did with Iju and Prakriti. 🙂

The government of Nepal does provide scholarships for tertiary education abroad. A number of other countries provide scholarships as well. Educational institutions abroad provide scholarships specifically for Nepalese students. I know, for instance, that Grinnell College provides a full scholarship every single year to a Nepalese student! Foundations and organizations provide scholarships for studies both abroad and within the country.

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, children of wealthy families attending private schools have easy access to such information, and are able to avail themselves of such opportunities readily, while those from poor families attending government schools cannot.

Dozens of Educational consultants that advise students and parents about such educational opportunities abroad exist. But they too serve the wealthy — the consultations come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Last fiscal year (2013/14) apparently more than 20,000 students applied for the “no objection” letter at the Ministry of Education to go abroad for studies. I would wager that a vast majority of them — even those going on full scholarships, whether funded by our own government or by some other body — must have come from wealthy families or those connected to the right people!

A vast majority of the applicants for UWC scholarships, for instance, I have been told, have historically been from wealthy families attending private schools in Kathmandu. These past two years, following considerable outreach work, we received some applicants from government schools last year and quite a number of applicants from such backgrounds this year as well, many even from outside the valley.

Information about scholarship opportunities for 16-18 year-olds, for instance, will be useful as soon as we complete the UWC selection process this Spring! It could be useful in guiding some of the students who don’t get UWC placements! I am certain that, in the pool of 121 applicants, there will be considerably more deserving applicants than we have scholarships for.

We have 14 offers out of which only 5 are full scholarships. Last year, we had seven excellent finalists for the single full scholarship offer from UWC Maastricht. It was a shame that we could send only one of them!

Because I have had this at the back of my mind for a while, I have a small compilation of my own. Not having the time nor the support to do some of the leg work required, I haven’t been able to expand on it. But now a friend and her husband have offered to do this! [Update: Nothing came of that, unfortunately.] As and when these information become ready, I shall be publishing them here for anyone and everyone to access and use!

In the mean time, if you know of scholarship opportunities for Nepalese students to pursue anything from high school to undergraduate studies to graduate studies to other trainings, I would very much appreciate your letting me know.

And if you can offer or arrange for such scholarships at your institution or through your organization, even better! 🙂

Thanks a bunch!

If on the other hand you are a Nepalese student looking for such information, follow the links below:

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