Spirituality, I believe, is one’s duty/responsibility to oneself.

The Science of Sex

One of the many consequences of low science literacy and high level of religiosity and the attendant belief in superstitions in the highly patriarchal Brahmanic society of Nepal is unabashed cruelty to females. One way the cruelty is meted out is in the way they are blamed for a newborn's sex as it that were determined by gestation and birthing. Science says otherwise, of course!

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Like Gods, Like Humans? Or, Like Humans, Like Gods? Or, Like…F*cked up?

If the Gods discriminate, why can't -- or even shouldn't -- the humans as well?! If the Hindu Gods themselves discriminate against some humans (at least Dalits) the way at least some Hindus believe they do, what’s wrong with humans discriminating against the same humans?! After all, who better to follow than the Gods?! Right?

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The origin myths behind Nepalis’ “खुट्टा तान्ने प्रबिधि”

"Khutta tanne prabidhi" is the Nepalis' tendency to and practice of not only pulling others more "successful" down, but also actively preventing others from accessing that which may make them successful. Here are two origin myths that apparently explain how it started and affirm that practice!

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When in Rome…

Lack of basic science literacy and the desire and tendency to copy western cultural practice has lead to, in Nepal, adoption of some questionable practices. This particular one is the celebration of birthdays but with Roman candles on the cake and use of foam spray even in the presence of naked flame! Why are they an issue? Roman candles contain toxic chemicals and canister sprays, in the presence of naked flame, is highly highly flammable!

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