Spirituality, I believe, is one’s duty/responsibility to oneself.

When in Rome…

Lack of basic science literacy and the desire and tendency to copy western cultural practice has lead to, in Nepal, adoption of some questionable practices. This particular one is the celebration of birthdays but with Roman candles on the cake and use of foam spray even in the presence of naked flame! Why are they an issue? Roman candles contain toxic chemicals and canister sprays, in the presence of naked flame, is highly highly flammable!

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Three Celebrations and A Funeral

I was part of the funeral rites and rituals of a relative who died recently. Being the first time I had ever participated in the activities, I learned how little I knew about our own funeral rites and rituals, and by extension our ethnic-Tibetan Mustang culture and traditions.

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President Barak Obama: “People I Have Met and Their Stories”

President Obama has a bowl full of things people have given to him some of which he carries in his pocket to remind him of the people who gave them to him, what they mean and, when necessary, to inspire him to do the best he can.

I on the other hand have been given something else by those that I have met in my travels around the world, all of which I carry all the time!

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