Unleashing Nepal: Bandhs…A Waste of Youth

A brief history of the tradition of bandh (shut downs) in the country and how this tool employed by everyone from political parties to trade unions to even disgruntled families, along with the politicization of education, have robbed many youths of their potential. The youths, invariably, were always the ones mobilized to enforce them!

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Nepal, Where Doing the Right Thing Could Be Wrong

At a night club in Kathmandu, I recorded a video of a birthday celebration which included Roman candles on a cake, and aerosol sprays. It could have ended in disaster if not for the big space. I went and shared my concerns with the party-goers, which could have also ended in disaster...for me.

I have discovered that doing the right thing in Nepal could turn out to be the wrong thing to do because things might just not go the way you reasonably expect.

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