Birth is a beginning…not an end, unlike how the Caste System in Nepal treats it.

Dr. Ambedkar: Who and What Can Bring the Caste System Down, and How

Dr. Ambedkar argues that reason and religion (Hinduism) will not help break down the caste system. Furthermore, that the Untouchables cannot hope for the high castes and the privileged classes to fight alongside them to help break down the system, forget about going on a crusade themselves to break it down. Dr. Ambedkar argues that the Untouchables, instead, should strive for education and spread of knowledge, and for power to break the hold the system has on them and holding them back from realizing their true human potential.

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Caste Hierarchy, False-equivalence Argument, and Mount Everest

When a hill high caste Hindu counters a member of another caste describing the challenges in their lives because of the caste they are born into by saying that they too struggle and have had to work hard to get as far as they have gotten in life, they are basically making a false-equivalence argument. What is a false-equivalence argument anyway? I go into the details by using an analogy -- that of climbing Mount Everest.

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