Questioning the Questions Grade 11-12 Students Must Tackle, And My Solution

Even NOW as someone who majored in and taught chemistry, were I to pretend to be a grade 11 or 12 Science student in Nepal and take their Chemistry examination, I will likely not get a good grade. I wouldn't be surprised if I even fail. The reason? The questions are just completely off and what is expected as responses are also ridiculous.

What many in Nepal still struggle to understand is that if we teach students how to think, they can learn, on their own, ways to commit to memory what they must to pass examinations, something I am trying to get across in my teacher education program.

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Nepal Education: Our Textbooks Hinder Learning!

Pretty much every Nepali school textbook I have seen and read about, I have decided, actually hinders children's learning, forget promote -- and contribute to -- them! In this blog post, I show how a fifth grade textbook completely misses the mark.

The solution? Do away with the local and national level examinations in grades 8 and 10 and eliminate textbooks.

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