How I Dealt With My Little Nephew’s Temper Tantrums

When a baby or toddler throws a temper tantrum, the easiest way to deal with it is to divert their attention to something else by talking to the child. It could be about something you see in the sky or nearby or it could be about the music you just started playing etc. The very very short attention span of such children means that they will readily and easily refocus their attention to a new stimulus from what they are fixated on when they are throwing the tantrum.

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Nepal, Where Doing the Right Thing Could Be Wrong

At a night club in Kathmandu, I recorded a video of a birthday celebration which included Roman candles on a cake, and aerosol sprays. It could have ended in disaster if not for the big space. I went and shared my concerns with the party-goers, which could have also ended in disaster...for me.

I have discovered that doing the right thing in Nepal could turn out to be the wrong thing to do because things might just not go the way you reasonably expect.

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IEF 2018: Read To Lead

Reading makes a huge different in people's lives. Reading to babies and toddlers makes a huge impact on their academic achievements later on as well as in the their adult life. Children who read, on average, lead children who don't academically. Adults who read, for example, on average have been found to live longer than those who don't etc.

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