I Could Have Been…A Performing Artist

As a primary school student, I loved the arts and was good at acting and singing, and did a lot of that. But acting was also an "out," a means to escape my own self, to become someone else, suffering as I had been from a number of personal issues.

Had I been born a different caste or in a different country, I would have probably become a performing artist as an adult.

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Grinnell Alumni Award: Citation

Last June, at my class' 25th reunion, Grinnell College, my Alma Mater, gave me an Alumni Award. I wasn't able to go to receive in person as the US Embassy in Kathmandu turned down my application for a travel visa. Reproduced here are two photos and the citation.

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A Ghost of Qatar

Following a traffic accident, when the other party, unable to get their way, though they were at fault, lodged a "case" against me with the police. When I was told that, I was scared. I didn't know that the trauma of incarceration in Qatar had also engendered another feeling: fear of police cases and the the police.

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A Former Student: “I would not have been here if not for you.”

Children want to impress and please adults they look up to, whether the adults are family members, teachers, or members of their local community. As a teacher, if you have high expectations of your students, by and large, they will do everything they can to meet those expectations, partly to impress and please you.

This is a very feel-good story of a former student of mine who, as a HL IB Chemistry student, rose up to meet my expectations, succeeded AND went on to do a PhD in Chemistry at Oxford in the UK.

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#LifeEh: Life Works In Mysterious Ways

Near the end of my academic career at Grinnell College, I wanted to "go see the world" after graduation. However, even until just months before graduation, I had really done nothing towards that goal! And yet, I ended up working, living, traveling the world for 19 years following my graduation from Grinnell in May 1994!

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