For a child from a poor family and/or one of the marginalized groups of Nepal, one of the most devastating things that can happen is the death of her dreams!

Prakriti Shrestha. "I want to be…a nurse."
Prakriti Shrestha.

Unable to enjoy even some of the most basic of amenities and thus prevented from having fulfilling childhood, most of them are sustained by a dream of a better future, a future where they see themselves as the provider to their family, their hard-working but constantly suffering parents and siblings.

Those that have the incredible opportunity to attend school, do their best to stay in school, many even work and put themselves through school, nurturing their dreams. (A significant number of them drop out long before tenth grade, many ending up being trafficked or going abroad to work as semi- or unskilled migrant worker and suffering…again.)

Graduating from high school with their School Leaving Certificate (high school diploma) is a major achievement for them to begin with. A large majority of them never get past SLC, aptly called the “iron gate.” For those that do, unfortunately, getting over all those hurdles and getting that far is but just the beginning of their journey to realizing their dreams! But make no mistake, getting that far, as has already been hinted at, these children, graduates of severely under-funded and under-resourced government schools, would have displayed incredible tenacity, fortitude and drive!

Recognising all that, towards the end of my post detailing my path to the United World College of the Adriatic, I described how I had yet another dream: that of playing “lady luck” to such hard-working, high-achieving and deserving 16-18 year old students, to help them win UWC scholarships or to help them continue their further education in Nepal.

To that end, last February, after being involved in the selection of the only full-scholar Nepalese student to the UWC this year, I successfully raised enough funds to cover the scholarship recipient Iju’s personal expenses.

This particular fundraiser is for another young girl, Prakriti Shrestha, a hard-working and driven student from Thangpalkot village, COMMITTED‘s project site. She graduated from Raithane School with first division grades in SLC examinations, one of only seven students (out of 27) to pass it.

This is the same young lady who, in my June 2013 visit to the village, expressed a desire to be a nurse in the “I Want To Be…” video my friend Pete Pattisson made for my Education is Freedom fundraising campaign.

Prakriti has already been admitted to Om Health Campus in Kathmandu to pursue an 18-month long Associate/Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) program. However, her family is unable to cover her educational expenses.

Students and community members listening to a presentation on Fish farming.
Prakriti (in the foreground) at one of COMMITTED’s presentations about Fish farming held in the winter of 2013.

In her request letter, she mentioned how, because of the financial hardships faced by her family, her father and stepmother want to “marry me off.” The personal problems she and her older sister faced at home lead her older sister, a few years go, to quit school when a 9th grader at Raithane School, to get married and to begin a domestic life as a housewife! By getting an academic qualification, she hopes “to serve her village and become independent.”

We have agreed to raise the Rs. 45,700 (US$ 480.00, including PayPal fees) required at the start of the program and to give Prakriti a shot at her dream. The funds will cover, among other things, admission fee, deposit, research fee etc. The rest of her educational expenses will be covered by contributions from two other non-governmental organizations.

If you are interested in contributing to Prakriti’s education, please click here and donate. (The link will take you to COMMITTED’s donation page.)

If you do, could you please indicate that the fund is for Prakriti’s further education? Thank you. Or else, please email me at dorjeDOTgurungATcmiNepalDOTorg.

Please also let me know if you would like to be recognized, on this page, for your donation or if you’d rather remain anonymous.

Be sure to visit again for updates.

* * * * * * * *

Updates on the progress/status of the drive:

S.N. Date Donor Amount/US$ Amount/NPR (~Rs. 97.00=US$1.00) 
1.  Aug. 21, 2014 Parent of a former student of mine who wishes to remain anonymous 50.00 4,850.00
 2.  Aug. 22, 2014 A pledge by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.    15,000.00
 3.  Aug. 21, 2014 A fellow Grinnellian, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the donation in memory of an aunt, herself a nurse. 100 9,700.00
 4.  Aug. 25, 2014 Anonymous (AU$50.00). 43.63 4,232.11
 5.  Sept. 6, 2014 My dear friends Selwyn and Polly Price. 130.00 12,610.00
  Total 46,392.11

We have raised the necessary funds! Thank you everyone for contributing towards Prakriti’s education!

* * * * * * * *

December 18 Update

Recently Prakriti had her first term examinations. I am thrilled to report that she ranked third in her class of 40!

She also tells me that she begins her month-long Practical Training (Hospital Rotation) at the hospital attached to the school.

April 2016 Update

Thanks to all the donors, Prakriti has completed her training. Click here to read more about that.


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