On the invitation of Grinnell College, my alma mater, I made a seven-week visit to the US. My visit starting on April 15 took me to a number of different places and ended on June 6. Apart from visiting Grinnell College as a speaker at the Rosenfield Program to give a presentation titled,”Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalese,” I visited the following places where I also gave the same presentation: UWC-USA  in Montezuma, New Mexico ; Westover Library in Arlington, Virginia; Himalayan Yak Restaurant, Queens, New York.

The talk highlights the plight of groups such as Dalits, women, Tharus and Tamangs both in the country and abroad, and what COMMITTED is doing about it all.

Dalits are the untouchables, the lowest of the low castes. Women in the highly patriarchal and predomiently Hindu Nepalese society are treated in many parts of the country as second class citizens. Tharus in the South, for the entire modern history of Nepal, have pretty much been living enslaved lives! And Tamangs, the indigenous population of Sindhupalchok District, where Thangpalkot VDC, COMMITTED’s project site is located, have not fared much better either.

The discrimination they face, on a daily basis, prevents them from realising their dreams and living their lives to the fullest. They are instead made victims of trafficking to destinations both within the country and outside for financial and other gains of those in powerful and influential positions.

Education, the one thing that could make a difference in their lives, education which made a difference in my life, is a privilege and as such generally not available to them. When it is available, it is of poor qualityCOMMITTED strives to provide high quality education to such groups in the communities we serve.

Below please find a video of the content of the presentation. It’s been modified a little to make it appropriate as a video.

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