Modeling Atoms: When You Don’t Have Much, Make Creative Use of The Little You Do

At under-funded and resource-strapped public schools in Nepal, teaching science in a way that brings the subject alive for students can be a major challenge. What the teachers at such schools do have is themselves and their students. There's no reason they shouldn't be using their own students (by having them model structures for example) in an effort to get across difficult and challenging science concepts and ideas!

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Shame On Us!

What is something in Nepal that those who SHOULD have it don't and those who SHOULDN'T do?


A TedTalk on shame that could help us in Nepal to think of shame differently and make social progress!

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So You Want to Volunteer in Nepal?

Earlier this month, the evening of April 5 to be precise, I gave a presentation at Wisdom Wednesdays series of talks at Paddy Foley's organized by NGN. The series, and therefore the talk, is about ETHICAL voluntourism. I volunteered to give the presentation as a contribution towards the organizer's efforts to #StopOrphanTrips to Nepal.

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