Given that, in the metropolis of Kathmandu crosswalks (zebra crossings) are waiting stations,

What would happen if pedestrians in Kathmandu did the following?

In a city where right is wrong, wrong is right; left is right, right is left; good is bad, bad is good; up is down, down is up; black is white, white is black…. In a city where the moneyed/might rule and the moneyed/mighty are morally bankrupt; where universities are intellectually bankrupt and where the laws apply only to the weak, the poor and the unconnected….

How would the drivers react? Drivers of public vehicles that are supported by a strong association of transportation entrepreneurs and united against anything, everything and everyone else? Drivers of private cars, some costing as much, if not more than, a Ferrari in California? Short-fused and impatient drivers of scooters and motorcycles who think of no one else and nothing else apart from reaching their destination?

How would they react?

Oct. 26, 2017 Update

How would the drivers react if the crosswalks (zebra crossings) were painted to appear three dimensional as they have done in a little town in Iceland?

Here’s an example of what it would look like:

Would the association of public transport entrepreneurs go on strike, for example?

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