16 Days of Activism Against GBV Campaign: Story of a Brave Woman

When we raise and educate children using violence, of course, they grow up to be violent, especially the boys. No wonder, domestic violence is such a major issue in the country. We have to do a number of things to curve that. One of them is to eliminate the use of violence against children, whether at home or at school. We should instead raise and educate them compassionately and by engaging with them in a healthy and developmentally appropriate manner etc.

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Pro-life Christians Undermine Law of The Country

Before abortion was legalized in Nepal in 2002, "up to one-fifth of incarcerated women were convicted of abortion-related crimes" and "more than half of maternal deaths during the one-year study period [was attributed] to abortion-related complications."

Now we have a pro-life Christian organization with 32K strong volunteers, and hospitals run by a Christian organization most likely staffed by also conservative pro-life Christian doctors who follow their religion's narrow dictates when it comes to abortion.

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