Project Update: December Visit to Thangpalkot

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COMMITTED visited Thangpalkot from December 8-11 to conduct a few activities. After loading our rental Toyota Landcruiser with the books we had collected from Asia Foundation on behalf of the Community Center, Raithane School and Saatkanya Primary school, we set off early morning of December 8.

Loaded Cruiser
Loaded Cruiser

Sathkanya Primary School
Sathkanya Primary School

The first activity was the construction of the two new cages. They were constructed and set in place and fish from the existing cages transferred.

Constructing the cage.
Constructing the cage. Cutting the bamboo sticks into the correct length.

Constructing the two new cages.
Constructing the two new cages. Binding the bamboo sticks.

Constructing the cages.
Constructing the cages. Checking the fitting.

Two becomes into four!
Two becomes four!

Transferring the fish.
Transferring the fish.

The other activity was the information session conducted by our fishery expert, Madhabji. A number of community members and students attended the session. Apart from the brief loss of power, the presentation went well.

Madhabji giving the presentation.
Madhabji giving the presentation.

Students and community members listening to a presentation on Fish farming.
Students and community members listening to the presentation on Fish farming.

Discussions on the construction of work, teacher training, library work, construction of the play area, improvement of the football field and addressing WASH issues were also held. The construction of the second floor of the building would begin soon to ease the congestion problem faced by the school.

Apart from that, I did my own follow-up to a conversation I had had with Kumar Sir a week before our visit. I inquired about some of the Dalit, untouchable, students attending Raithane School. Apart from them, I also obtained some information on children from poor families, struggling financially for one reason or another. I paid a visit to the homes of every child I had talked to and had conversations with their parents and guardians to get a better idea about their situation. I’ll have more to say about that in other follow-up posts.

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