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Testimonials: IEF 2017 Kathmandu

I conducted Air Fire Water, a science workshop on generating and tackling open-ended questions in Science lessons to impart higher level thinking skills on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. I had around 30 or so participants. The following are the mostly anonymous feedback to the workshop Book Bus received. They have been reproduced vabatim.


“It was really good. But still we are using old/traditional technology. It takes time to change this strategy.”


“As a science student and as a tutor, there are many things that I don’t understand. This session quite help me how to come with self-explanation to understand those questions.”


“It was very interesting day with Sir Dorje Gurung. I loved his teaching and science observation with experiment. It was really fun and I learned new ideas from him. For eg: How to make tentative questions and answers. We did group work also. Finally, we can’t only teach to students but also we can learn from students also.”

Keshab Maharjan from NIMS School


“We Nepalese have been still stucked in traditional teaching learning process. This session has actually made us realize that feel and learn is something different. So, personally will try to teach my students with some experiments through which they would be able to experience. Thank you for making me think out of the box.”

Sushila Khadka


“The program was very good. I love to be involved in this session. The experiment process of teaching is very good. Thanks to all.”


“Teaching style was best. Helped a lot while teaching in the class. Encourages me to do many practical while teaching.”


“Firstly, I liked the activity, the way Mr. Gurung starts the program. Though the activity was good but it is quite difficult to understand the term as it is linked with students.”


“The idea was interesting but so far it is hard to apply in the context of Nepalese Education System since we rush to final syllabus. It will be effective to learn more techniques that will fit in our educational system.”


“Today’s class was very interesting. I like Dorje Sir’s teaching method. Thank you so much to Mr. Dorje Gurung Sir and the entire team of IEF.”

Anu Dangol


“I had expected more teaching techniques to be learnt in this session. I felt the time was not enough. It would have been more effective if we were made familiar with real class room scenario, difficulties, solutions and methods to apply properly. It was fruitful indeed. Thank you.”


“I really enjoyed this session. I want to thank Dorje Sir for sharing his insights. I am going to apply this in my class. Learned to conduct experiments, open ended question, how to make questions and its tentative answers.”


“It was quiet good. I got an idea on how to make my kids thinker with the help of experiments. .It’s really a practical education method. Thank you.”


“Thank you Sir. Congratulations for your effective session. Your session gave us clear idea on how to engage in practical activities at school for exploring and taking practical test too.”


“I really enjoyed the session by Dorje Gurung dai. I learn how to create higher level thinking and skills. I also learned to be a teacher to show where to look but not what to see.”


“Simple, interesting and knowledgeable. Helps students to think and explore by themselves by doing experiments.”


“Very interesting session. Learnt not to teach but let them help to learn.”


“It was a fruitful session. Experiments were simple but more curious. I feel that even in simple experiment, we should concentrate and be careful for the observation and conclusions. Thank you.”


“Quite effective for the science projects and practical doings in the school. Students exposure, analysis, observation and creation of new ideas can be enhanced by such activities. More discussions among the students by which weak students can also lead ahead.”


“Gurung’s class was creative and fun with experiments coming out with questions and predictions.”


“Gurung was spontaneous and kept us engaged. His way of teaching is totally child-centered and I wonder if he visits schools as well for teacher trainings. I wish I had more time with him and not just an hour.”

Nisha Rai


“It was nice, interesting and a good session. Thanks to Dorje dai and BookBus team.”


“I found it was an interesting learning.”


“The session very nicely helped understand to foster critical thinking/higher order thinking in the classroom.”


“It was a great interactive session. Would love to be part of more.”



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