President Barak Obama: “People I Have Met and Their Stories”

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President Obama has a bowl full of things people have given to him some of which he carries in his pocket to remind him of the people who gave them to him, what they mean and, when necessary, to inspire him to do the best he can.

I on the other hand have been given something else by those that I have met in my travels around the world, all of which I carry all the time!

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Cheers to friendship and a life of uncertainty and promise!

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When The Unimagined Becomes Life

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Travel give you opportunities to learn, intimately, about people and places you otherwise wouldn't. It also gives you opportunities to to do things that you had never imagined doing, and in the process you become a person that you might have never imagined being!

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MalAria in MalAwi

MalAria in MalAwi
A young boy doing his laundry on the shores of Lake Malawi in Senga Bay, a beach I would visit regularly with my friends when I lived and worked in the country for three years between 2004 and 2007.
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The recent discovery and development of the vaccine against malaria is a welcome development for sure. It should be great news for the children of Africa. It SHOULD! Is it or will it be?

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