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In the process of completely revamping my HTML-based homepage, making it considerably leaner, I have removed a lot of the contents. Those that I think others still might find useful, notably the science resources, I am reproducing them here for their benefit.

This is a reproduction of the page containing links to the online PowerPoint slides I used when I taught GCSE chemistry a long time ago.

NB. This is a reproduction of something that was last revised and updated in 2009! If the curriculum has changed since then, it’s your responsibility to identify the relevant from the irrelevant.

Topic: C1. Classifying Materials

Topic: C2. Changing Materials: Formulae & Equations

Topic: C3. Patterns of Behavior in Elements

Topic: C4. Changing Materials to Useful Products

Topic: C5. Patterns of Behavior in Reactions

Topic: C6. Changing Materials: The Environment

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