For in introduction to what Puzzlers are and how I used them with my students, click hereClick here for the Puzzler grading criteria. Click here for Puzzler write-up format. Click here for a sample Puzzler write-up.

The Puzzlers published are split up by term. Here they are:

Term 1 Puzzlers

  1. Hot Day
  2. Rotation Counter
  3. Two Cannon Balls
  4. Propelling the Boat
  5. Card Stack
  6. Salad Dressing
  7. Shut Door

Term 2 Puzzlers

  1. The Chicken Truck
  2. The Brick and The Dinghy
  3. The Pendulum
  4. Winter Puzzler
  5. Don’t Lick That Tray
  6. Bottle and Coin
  7. From Fermi to the Frying Pan

Term 3 Puzzlers

  1. Hole in Tea Pot
  2. Accident in Space
  3. A Touch of Chill
  4. Space Travel
  5. Woof, It’s Cold
  6. Frozen Over
  7. Falling Elevator




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