For in introduction to International Baccalaureate Chemistry discrepant events and how I used them with my students, click here.

IB Diploma Chemistry discrepant events are labeled with either the prefix DP1 or DP2 which refer to first year and second year respectively.

IBDP year 1 Chemistry Discrepant Events

  1. Gunpowder: Ideal Mixture
  2. Magical Candle
  3. Plastic Bottle Cannons
  4. Gaseous Behavior
  5. Hare-Brain Chemistry
  6. Magical Crystals
  7. Flares

IBDP year 2 Chemistry Discrepant Events

  1. Magical Beakers
  2. Sugar Daddy…with Flare

Appropriate for both year 1 and year 2

  1. Fun with Liquid Nitrogen
  2. Water Bottle Explosion
  3. Cracking Crackers




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