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Often at the beginning of a topic, you will either observe a demonstration of a discrepant event or watch a video recording of one or be given a description of one.  After sufficient materials have been covered, you will be challenged to explain it.

However, unlike in MYP science, your write-up won’t be graded according to any specific criteria. Some times the discrepant event write-up may count like a quiz. Some time, it may be graded according to one or more of the IA criteria. And some other times, it may lead to a design investigation.

What a given Discrepant Event requires will be made clear at the time it is demonstrated.

Regardless, the Discrepant Events contain guiding questions to help you.

IB Diploma Chemistry discrepant events are labeled with either the prefix DP1 or DP2 which refer to first year and second year respectively.

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