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Mr Gurung

The Discrepant Event Title

The Problem:

If a live demonstration or video, describe the relevant observations completely and as accurately as possible in simple past tense and passive voice. And then state the problem or challenge or question.

If a description, restate the information and the challenge or question in your own words.

The Solution:

In proper paragraph format, analyze the discrepant event by describing the relevant concepts or ideas or principles or theories and/or laws. In other words, define the relevant terms and describe their relationship to each other.

Next, using your knowledge of Science and the language and symbols of Science, explain the discrepant event as completely as possible making logical deductions / inferences from your observations, using your observations and/or your knowledge of the concepts involved and their relationships to one another as evidence.

Then restate your answer clearly in a sentence (or two).

Finally, evaluate your write-up. Analyse the discrepant event by identifying the different parts and components of the process (ie. the variables). Comment on the validity of the solution provided in light of the analysis. Comment on the quality of an observation(s) and/or the solution.

If you received help from someone else or some other source, reference it in the body of the write-up AND cite it appropriately at the bottom. You do not need to cite sources for general science concepts or symbols covered in class.

Some general guidelines:

  • The write-up must be typed with at least 1.5 line spacing
  • Leave 1 inch margin on all sides
  • Headings must be complete
  • It must be in passive voice, third person, with no pronouns.
  • You must bold and underline the words The Problem and The Solution and use them in your write-up as headers just as I have done above. Write-up in the wrong format will be returned without grading for revision and resubmission.
  • Illustrate your solution with a clearly labelled schematic diagram, if that helps. (Do NOT waste your time drawing diagrams using a computer software, use pencil and ruler!)

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