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Project Update: Chilaune School Poised to Move from TLC

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My last visit to the school had been in early March 2015 with my Swiss friends Michael and Elias (of NEMIRA) and a fellow Xaverian, Atulya dai. At the time we had provided the school with football gear, we had finalized plans to build a multi-purpose court, thanks to funding from NEMIRA, and we had talked about science lab furniture.

After that very very enjoyable visit, while Michael and Elias had returned to Switzerland, at the end of that month I had left for a whirlwind tour of North-America.

In less than two months, the earthquake would strike and destroy most of the schools in Thangpalkot including Chilaune School.

But, luckily for Chilaune and others like Taltuleshwori School, Saat Kanya School and Raithane School, non-profit organzations stepped up and funded their reconstruction.

I paid a visit to the school just a couple of weeks ago to see how things were. Watch the video below for more.


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