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Movember 2018: Growing Solo

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All clean shaven today and ready to go!

A day late but here I am…keeping to my tradition, starting my Movember 2018. This is the activity where I grow my mo solo!

Returning to Nepal in 2013, I tried to get my Xaverian classmates involved. But far from getting any takers, not a single friend even responded to the PM I sent out about the idea. So, from 2014, I have been growing solo.

If interested in a short history of Movember (or Grovember as it might be called in some places)  click here. If interested in what Movember is and how it works click here.

What I’ll be doing is to update this post a couple or more times with photos of my mo at different stages of growth. And at the end of the month, the idea is that you donate some funds to a charity, which I was not able to do that last year. (Yes, there’s a story and you’ll have to follow the link to read it. 😀 😀 ) I’m just going to wait and see how it pans out this year.

Are you doing Movember?

November 18 update

What the mo looks like now.


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