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Motor Shyangbo

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Matar Shyangbo v7 - low resMotor, though from Gunsa, lives with his grandparents in Thangpalkot. He has been living with them since he was 3 years old. Neither of his parents are around. While his mother passed away some time ago, his father is currently serving a jail sentence. (I didn’t ask for more details.) Motor is a fifth grade student at Raithane School in Thangpalkot.




Attached below are details of his family and the cost of his education.

Motor Shyangbo - request letter.

Motor Shyangbo – request letter. (Click on the image for the original.)

The request letter reads:

Subject: About scholarship.

Personal and family details of the student



1. Student’s name: Motor Shyangbo 1. School uniform


2. Class: 5 2. Shoes + socks


3. Father’s name: Jung Bahadur Shyangbo (in jail, serving a sentence) 3. School bag


4. Mother’s name: late Kaili Shyangbo 4. Tie + belt (1 set)


5. Address: Gunsa-5 5. Student ID


6. Number of family members: 3 6. Admission fee


7. Duration for which agricultural yield sustains the family: 2 months 7. Exam fees (50 x 3)


8. Family member abroad: 8. Computer fees (40 x 12)


9. Financial situation: weak. 9. Notebooks (10 x 12 x 12)


  10. Pencils (10 x 24)


  11. Geometry box (80 x 1)




Signed and stamped
The Principal

At the current rate of exchange of approximately Rs. 98=US$1.00, the total cost amounts to US$46/year as a 5th grader.

However, he has just four more months in 5th grade. Academic year in Nepal runs from mid-April to the beginning of April the following year. That means, he’ll need support for at least the next five years.

* * * * * * * *

Update Feb. 20, 2014

Purchases by Nemira Customers 19 – 28 has ensured that Motor gets to finish school!

* * * * * * * *

September 2014 Update

Motor passed his exams and has moved on to grade 6! Details of his educational costs for the 2014-15 (2071) academic year can be found here.

* * * * * * * *

September 2015 Update

Motor, whose name has now been changed to Prabin, passed his exams and has moved on to grade 7! Details of his educational costs for the 2015-16 (2072) academic year can be found here.


* * * * * * * *

July 2017 Update

It’s been almost two years since the last update and the young boy is now in grade 9. Here’s an update from the boy himself, reproduced verbatim!

I am 13 years old boy. I live in Raithane. I am from indigenous group (Tamang) . I study in class-9.

My mother was murdered, when I was a small boy. My father didn’t take care of me and married another woman. My father had been jailed as the suspect of my mother murder. I don’t have any contact with my father and stepmother. I have been living with my relatives (grandfather and grandmother). My grandfather is 55 years old man. He works as a mason. They are taking care of my studies.

I love singing, dancing and playing football. I aspire to become an actor. I have been getting scholarship since grade 2. I have obtained 409 (51.13%) marks in grade -8 final examination.

I am very happy and thankful to committed Nepal, for providing me full scholarship. I want to complete my Bachelor level studies. Also I expect to get the help of Committed Nepal in coming days.



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