The Puzzler: Introduction

The Puzzler is a weekly challenging, critical thinking skills question that should keep you on your toes and thinking. They are thought provoking and based on either real life situations I myself, or others, have come across or they come from puzzler type books or web pages that I have collected over the years. So, don’t be surprised if you find these or  similar problems elsewhere, in a book or another website.

Since mathematics is the language of science, some Puzzlers will have a mathematics slant, however all will involve problem solving and the ability to think critically, the very attributes we expect of scientists.

You will have about a week to struggle with the question, talk with your parents and other folks, research as necessary then write up your answer in the proper Puzzler format. The write-up cannot just be a rehash of what someone else has told you or what you found elsewhere; it must display your understanding of the concepts involved, as well as both the problem and the solution.

Puzzlers will be assessed using the Criterion B (Communication) and Criterion C (Scientific Knowledge and Understanding). Check the task-specific rubrics for details.

To help you further, a sample Puzzler and write up has been included in this blog.

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