EdufreeNepal Campaign: Day 1

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It was about 24 hours ago that Education is Freedom-Nepal fundraising campaign went live with me posting it on Facebook–at 8:48 am, Nepali time, May 26 to be precise.

Fig. 1. Broadcasting Education is Freedom-Nepal campaign on Facebook.

I am thrilled to report that we have already raised over $4500 with contributions from 27 friends and well-wishers!!!

Fig. 2. Education is Freedom-Nepal Campaign Status as of the morning of May 27

That means I have 27 people to thank for their contribution of $10 or more. And here they are in the order the contribution notifications are listed in my inbox:

  1. Kristine K. Johnson, a friend from my UWCAD days. Grazie mile!
  2. Rebecca Hellrich.
  3. The Price family (Selwyn, Polly and Rachael), dear friends from BMIS. (You might not remember, but your plans four years ago to get me back in Nepal in five years seemed to have worked!)
  4. Lindsay Duncan, a friend from my time in TISA.
  5. Merion (Taynton?).
  6. Linda H. Olson, my friend from LPCUWC days.
  7. Mark Holmes.
  8. Lucky S (is that you Monika Ranjitkar?).
  9. Avash Poudyal, my dear friend Baje’s son.
  10. Nana Poudyal, my dear friend Baje’s beautiful other half.
  11. David Rodbourne, a fellow traveller, thank you my friend!
  12. Kat Deichler, dear friend from Doha days.
  13. David Atiyah, friend from UWC-USA days.
  14. Nathalie Lockhart Mann, another BMIS crew.
  15. Marco (Dalbosco?), a former teacher from my UWCAD days.
  16. Brian Lockwood, a friend of the dynamic duo Andy and Neila, dear friends from my years at TISA.
  17. Marina Gijzen, another friend of the dynamic duo Andy and Neila.
  18. Robert Godel, yet another friend of the dynamic duo Andy and Neila.
  19. Robin Hurst
  20. Emily Adams, another QA crew with a big heart.
  21. Angela Onwuachi-Willig from my years at Grinnell.
  22. Alex Jacobs.
  23. Anonymous 5x. (I have removed their names from the original list respecting their wishes to remain anonymous.)

Please let me know if I have failed to describe my connection to you or, worse, mislabeled it. I would be more than happy to correct it.

Once again, thank you!

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  1. Marina

    Number 20 and 21 explanation: We are both friends and colleagues with Andy and Neila (now at NIS) who you worked with at TISA. They spoke highly of you and were very proactive in getting your story out while you were still in the Qatar jail.
    I am so happy to support this project. I can not think of a better response to the scare you had in Qatar. You chose to use the attention gained from a very injudicious event and turn it into a wonderful opportunity for others. Congratulations on choosing your dream of freedom for children through education over fear and inaction.
    All the best to you and your team!

    1. Dorje

      Dear Marina,

      The post has been updated with that information. Thank you once again!

    2. Ditto on what Marina say, I’m at #nischina with @andyvasily & Neila and they were instrumental with inspiring me to use my PLN and take action

      1. Dorje

        Brian, I’ll be sure to add that to the note. Please give those two a huge hug from me!

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