EdufreeNepal Campaign: Days 28-35

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We crossed the tipping point on June 25, with ten more days to go. Over the course of the remaining days, almost ten thousand was added to the contribution! The contributions averaged an impressive 1K per day!!

Here’s the how it looked in the end.

Education is Freedom-Nepal Campaign Status

Fig. 1. Education is Freedom-Nepal Campaign Status as of the morning of July 1.

I have these backers to thank for their pledges:

  1. Jessica Roff, a friend from my Grinnell years.
  2. Michael H. Adolfae
  3. Manaslu Gurung, a friend from SMS.
  4. Henry Throop, a Grinnell classmates who’s donated for a second time!
  5. Kristine Kay Johnson, a UWCAD friend who’s donated for a second time!
  6. Kerry Anderson, a friend from my days at AIS.
  7. Mike McKay, a Lilongwe Ultimate Frisbee friend and a Salsa student!
  8. Swarnim Ranjitkar
  9. Carlee and Joe Aholfae
  10. Janet Wilson
  11. Marianna Sciarrotta, another UWCAD friend.
  12. Sarah Casssell, a friend from my years at TISA.
  13. Kathy Epp
  14. Sushil Bogati, another STX classmate and friend.
  15. Alex Catallo
  16. Berverley Stubbs, another one of the QA crowd.
  17. Anuschka Alvarez, a dear classmate and friend from UWCAD.
  18. Aaron Kelly, the big man from my years at BMIS and host in Thailand.
  19. Tascha (Alvarez von Gustedt?)
  20. Lizzie Knight, my mate Tommy’s mom who’s donated for a third time.
  21. Donald R. Wilson, another QA crew.
  22. Linda Costantini, the parent of a student of mine from my years at BMIS who donated twice over this period.
  23. Binod Pant
  24. Jessica Goodman Goldman, another Grinnellian.
  25. Fernando Perez
  26. Jessica Fisher, a fellow traveller and dancer in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  27. Valerie Cazeaud
  28. Sabina Pradhan, another one of SMS crowd.
  29. Jody Smith, a fellow blogger Down Under.
  30. Natalya Marquand, a friend from my years at TISA.
  31. Lora Findlay, a visitor to Malawi during my time at BMIS.
  32. Bhups
  33. The Kaossilators (aka The Kaoss Kids), a band of mates in Doha from QA.
  34. June Sargent
  35. Stephanie Margherio, my friend from my days in Malawi.
  36. Anne Nelson, another Grinnellian.
  37. Graeme Anshaw
  38. Viken Wetlesen, a fellow traveller in Sri Lanka.
  39. Harry and Margaret Deelman, my Associates.
  40. Tatsuaki Katsuki, a dear friend and classmates from my years at UWCAD.
  41. Martin Croft, a fellow Baku Evil Eyes.
  42. Olga Jensen, my dear friend Jeremy’s mom.
  43. Courtney Fay, another QA crew.
  44. Jessica Powley Hayden, a fellow Baku Eyes.
  45. Christina Allen, my dear friend from both BMIS and Doha, Qatar years.
  46. Leah Sheila Tremayne
  47. Christine Strater, from my years in Lilongwe, Malawi.
  48. Meredith Hedrick, another QA crew.
  49. Melissa Cochrane, another QA crew.
  50. Martin Gough, from my years at BMIS.
  51. Anonymous 10x

Once gain, please let me know if I have failed to describe or, worse, mislabeled my connection to you. I would be more than happy to correct it.

If you remember, I had a challenge! It turns out, 48 people pledged between June 25 and the final hour of the campaign. So, I will be donating Rupees 2400 in Chotu’s name to the Nepal campaign.

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