COMMITTED’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014-15

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For the complete Annual Report, click here. (For the 2013-14 Annual Report blog post click here.)

Summarized below are some of the important contents of the report.

 SN Item  Amount/NPR Amount/(US)$
 1. Income  12,640,355.50 124,241.75
 2.  Overhead (not covered by projects) 670,410.62 6,589.45
 3.  Project expenses  7,541,650.62 74,126.70

Earthquake Report – Relief and Response

Emergency relief was provided to a number of communities.

  • Click here for some photos of the destruction of infrastructure of schools in Thangpalkot caused by the earthquake.
  • Click herehere and here for details of relief provided to Thangpalkot, and Phulpingkot in May.
  • Click here for photos of food relief provided to Thangpalkot on May 21, 2015.
  • Click here for photos of relief materials provided to Baruwa VDC on May 31, 2015, which COMMITTED assisted with. The materials themselves were donated by Goonj, a non-profit based in India.
  • Click here for photos of accessories for solar charging station provided to Phulpingkot.


It’s ongoing. Click here to go to the fundraising page to see its progress.

Friends and friends of friends of COMMITTED (such as T. Breeze) also raised funds on our behalf for Earthquake Relief.

Education in Emergency

Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) were erected to continue the education of the children in some form.

  • Click here for photos of the construction of TLC for Raithane School children.
  • Click here for photos of TLC for Saatkanya School and some activities the students engaged in recently.

Recreational Activities in the TLCs

  • Click here for photos of music lessons conducted for student of Thangpalkot.
  • Click here for photos of sports activities conducted in Thangpalkot.



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