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Presenting to Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng’s Leadership for Social Change class at the University of Hawaii. (Professor Maya is President Obama’s sister.)

The past nine-month, the longest I have been a nomad — living out of a suitcase, catching up and reconnecting with many friends from different words I have been a part of and making new ones — has been very very enjoyable, among other things! And like all good things, it has come to an end and I am now looking at staying put for a while in the US.

Until further notice, I am available in the US for presentations on a host of topics and I am also available to work as a teacher/educator or something else — I am open to suggestions! 🙂

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To begin with, here are some relevant documents all of which are in PDF format except where noted otherwise.

1.Resume (CV) (For an online version, click here.)preview 
2.A short biopreviewdownload
3.Presentation Proposal: For College students and/or Adults, about dreams, compassion, humanity, international understanding, world peace and living a meaningful lifepreviewdownload
4.Presentation Proposal: For College students and/or Adults: About Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalesepreviewdownload
5.Presentation Proposal: For Middle School Studentspreviewdownload
6.Presentation Proposal: For Primary School Studentspreviewdownload

What follows are links to some of the talks and speeches I have given around the world on a variety of topics including following ones dreams, success, compassion, humanity, international understanding, world peace, and the three issues I am passionate about: education, equality and social justice.

Presentations on the subject of dreams, compassion, humanity, international understanding, world peace and living a meaningful life

On the subject of Human Rights and Education in Nepal

Presentations about my life and following ones dreams

  • To children aged 9-17 and some of their parents in Mexico city from low income families attending public schools and participating in the PAUTA program, on the topic of following dreams with hopes of inspiring them to do the same.
  • To middle school children at Suva Intermediate School in Los Angeles, also from low income, mostly Hispanic families also about following dream to go places in life.
  • To middle school students (13-year olds) at Shatin College in Hong Kong about what makes a successful life.
  • To 8th grade (15-year old) students at Shuvatara School in Katmandu, Nepal about living ones dreams for a meaningful life.
  • To a group of young Nepalese mostly from Mustang district in Nepal but living in New York City, NY, USA about Education (in its broadest sense) and Freedom.

TV and radio programs I have made appearances in where I talk about the issues I am passionate about

  • Kantipur TV in Kathmandu, Nepal talking about education and the plight of Nepalese migrant workers.
  • Kantipur FM Kathmandu, Nepal also talking about education and the plight of Nepalese migrant workers and their children.
  • Hawaii Think Tech TV O’ahu, Hawaii, USA about Nepal and the plight of the April 25 and May 12 earthquake victims.
  • UWC-USA student prepared video where I talk about what I do and why.


Details of presentations about education, the recent earthquake and the work COMMITTED and I do in Nepal

Of course I have presented at considerably more venues and to other audiences. You can find them all by browsing through the Presentations and Speeches category of posts.

If you are interested in what others have said about my presentations, read their testimonials here.

My recent story of incarceration in a Qatari jail for allegedly insulting Islam feature prominently in my presentations and has also featured in a number of newspaper articles. If you are interested in the articles, you can find them here.

There you have it!

Update June 8, 2016

I am no longer available for presentations or jobs in the US having left the country on April 20, 2016.

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