Intro to Science Teacher Training Program…With Some Light Magic

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Missing teaching, I have been working with science teachers for a while now.

It all started with a stint at Shanti Nikunj, which was then followed by another at Jana Uddhar, the first Collaborative School my mate Pete manages. At Jana Uddhar, I worked with their fifth grade and secondary school science teachers. While my work with the fifth grade teacher didn’t yield much results, in spite of all that I did with him and his class (click here and here to read about two things I did), that with the secondary school teacher did! (Click here for details of some of the things I did with her.) I also held a session — on teaching critical thinking — for the Teach For Nepal science fellows.

It was also for the same reason that when approached about putting together a science teacher training module, running it and being involved with Innovation in Education Fair, I agreed. The several-month long program “Everyday Science: Learn, To Teach; Teach, To Learn” will begin on January 12, 2018.

With these workshops, most of which will be highly interactive, I hope to achieve a number of goals, one of which is for teachers to move away from teaching Nepali children to seek the “right” answer. (My science education philosophy, is a little different from that of many teachers in Nepal, having had the incredible opportunity to teach around the world at some very well-resourced international schools.)

On December 1, each of us three involved in The US Embassy’s Book Bus Teacher Empowerment Program introduced our programs to several dozen teachers and administrators. The following is a recording of my 18-minute introduction.

It involved me demonstrating some light magic! Hit the play button to listen…to the magic!




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