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On his own initiative, Karma Tenzing Nyangmi, with help from Heart Beat, has arranged for an exhibition fund-raiser on COMMITTED‘s behalf. Reproduced below is the press release about the event. Click here for the original press release.

If you are in New York and can spare the time, please visit to see the works of some Nepalese artists.

COMMITTED and I appreciate and thank Karma’s help and support in our efforts to educate the neglected children of Nepal, such as those of Nepalese migrants that have died in Qatar.

Art Exhibition for Human Rights New York
Art Exhibition for Human Rights New York


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April 9, 2014 Update

Reproduced below is Karma’s post on his Facebook wall about the exhibition.

A successful event filled weekend it was! My half hour talk on the “Exploitation of Nepalese Migrant Workers in Qatar” at Columbia and helping organize our 2 day Art Exhibition for Human Rights in Qatar attended by 150+ individuals at the Himalayan Yak!

Thank you to the awesome artists: KunsangNorsangMilan Rai, Phurba,Dawa, Hitman and ReetaTsepak (of the Himalayan Yak) for always supporting our cause and providing us with the venue. The members of the media:Shailesh Shrestha Dai, Kishor Panthi, Pradeep ThapaShrestha SAm, White Himal TV and Sampreshan. Also, the senior members of our community: RajuDai, Keshab Dai, Navin Dai, Dr. Niraula, Namgel Lama (Lama Accounting) and all the other attendees and good friends who showed their support by attending. Finally, this work could never’ve been completed without the effort and support put in by my younger brothers and sisters of HeartBeat: ChhewangMingmaNeeta,SharatAstitwoJimmy, Jimmy, Tookie Nimsang and all the volunteers whose name I may have missed in error (apologies if I did) – Without you, this event would’ve been impossible to pull through. Thank you guys once again!

PS: A special thank you to all who attended. I would’ve loved to tag all 150+ names but this darn thing has a limitation on including all your names. However, know that your support toward this cause is greatly appreciated.

Press Chautari and USNepalOnline covered the event further helping the cause.

COMMITTED and I am grateful not only for the funds generated (US$526), but also for promoting a cause that is dear to me.

On behalf of COMMITTED, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karma, the artists, and the HeartBeat team in New York. These funds will help Bishnu’s siblings continue their education.


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