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Reproduced below is Monika Ranjitkar’s heartfelt thank you note which originally appeared on Sydney is COMMITTED’s Facebook Page.

To all the audience, who were there at Granville Town Hall last night, thank you so much for being there to support us and making the event a huge success!

Thank you to our amazing team of artists and volunteers for making the show possible. A special thank you to Mr. Kened Pradhan, without whose constant support and guidance, the event wouldn’t have been possible!

Nishesh Shakya (Nix Nox ), can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for this show. Last night’s event would have only been half as successful without you!

Thank you Bisswas for helping at the back stage.

I would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors who have contributed to the success of this event.

Thank you CelebsKool, Bizz Education, Angel Movies, Hamro College and SWRG Events for sponsoring us.

Thanks to Nepalipatra, MNTV, Nepalitouch for helping us as our Media partners.

Thank you NEPINDO, Garage24 Productions , Nix Nox Graphic designs and photography, Third Eye Bar and Bistro, DKP digital key productions and HamroSydney.com.au for supporting us in various ways you could.

Thank you Padam Shakya jee for distributing the Certificates of Appreciation on behalf of COMMITTED- Nepal.

A big thanks to all the following artists and volunteers:


  • Naren Kulung
  • Kiran Bhandari
  • Ace Shrestha
  • Sami Shrestha


  • Samit Pradhan (Thanks for all your advices, suggestions and guidance)
  • Sailesh Rajbhandari
  • Deepu Rana
  • Anil Thapa
  • Adrian McDonell


  • Kritisha Gurung
  • Amit Bajracharya
  • Pradeep Lama
  • K V Basnet
  • Raj K Goswami
  • Rajesh K.C.
  • Sujata Upadhyaya Manandhar
  • Kened Pradhan
  • NEPINDO performers
  • NEPINDO Kids
  • Anupa Neupane
  • Dipesh Pun
  • Sriya Rai
  • Sarun Tamrakar
  • Rajish Shrestha
  • Nabin Rana
  • Basan Gurung
  • Laxman Pandit
  • Prabha Dawadi
  • Khushi Thapa
  • SurakshaThapa
  • Bishu Karki
  • Ruhee Shrestha

PERSONAL NOTE: Thank you Deepa Rai NepaliRanju Wagle Thapa and San Tosh for all the support and encouragement you have given me from behind the scene.

Deepa, I am so lucky to have your support even though you are miles away and have your own busy schedule and issues to deal with, you still managed to keep yourself updated and offered me whatever help you could.

Ranju jee, you have gone out of your way in helping find sponsors and have always encouraged and guided me in the right direction. Thank you!

My friend Santosh, thank you for everything!

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