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Details of the Event on Jan 3.
Details of the Event on Jan 3. (Click on the image for the original.)

EVERY DAY on average 2000 Nepalese leave the country in search of better opportunities abroad to give their families at home a shot at just a decent life, nothing extravagant.

Apparently, on average, three return in coffins EVERY DAY! The death of a Nepalese migrant worker abroad kills the dreams and aspirations of their younger siblings and/or children.


There is hardly any recognition of this fact, let alone anyone doing anything to limit the devastating impact of this on the young and innocent victims.

I know all about that since I was once also a young child with odds stacked completely against me but with an improbable dream. In spite of hurdles and obstacles I am where I am today because, against all odds, I was able to keep those dreams alive and realise them.

When a child’s dreams die, part of her dies, I am certain!

COMMITTED, in partnership with Capital GrillWFSDECC and our media partner Katmandu Post, is planning three big awareness-raising, musical fundraiser events in Kathmandu at the beginning of next year to do something about that.

Details of the Event on Jan 3.
Details of the Event on Jan 3. (Click on the image for the original.)

The events:

  • JANUARY 3: ticketed dinner (Rs. 2500) and performance at Capital Grill starting at 6 pm,
  • JANUARY 4: ticketed dinner (Rs. 3500) and performance at Radisson Hotel. and
  • JANUARY 11: a FREE open air concert at Kathmandu Durbar Square starting at 4 pm.

The aim of the events are:

Kellee Maize
Kellee Maize

Two international rap artists are visiting Kathmandu for the express purpose of performing at these events.

The first of the two artists is Kellee Maize, as American rap artist. She is visiting Nepal for about two weeks, as part of her tour of the region to raise awareness about the plight of migrant labourers in the Middle East.

According to her home page she has had some impressive results of late as an artist.

  • her vidoes has had 5 million+ youtube views
  • 180,000+ twitter and facebook fans
  • 1,000,000+ album downloads on Frostwire, Jamendo, Amazon, Itunes &
  • Performances at Bonnaroo, Evolvefest and Harvestfest
  • Appearances on MTV, XXLHuffington Post and more!

The second is an Indian rap artist, Feyago, who makes his own videos. He is a winner of India’s Got Talent Television show, and has also featured in MTV Roots program.


Both Kellee and Feyago will feature at both events.

The concert on January 11 will feature Nepalese bands as well.

Help us by attending the events and/or donating to the cause. (Be sure to tell us that the donation is for the education of the children of migrant victims.)

If you are unable to do either, at the very least, help us by promoting these events among your family and friends.

We have a Facebook Page for this event too. Go ahead…’like’ it!



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