#LifeEh: Life Works In Mysterious Ways

Near the end of my academic career at Grinnell College, I wanted to "go see the world" after graduation. However, even until just months before graduation, I had really done nothing towards that goal! And yet, I ended up working, living, traveling the world for 19 years following my graduation from Grinnell in May 1994!

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The Moment of Truth IV: All About How And Why I Have Become Who And What I Am And Where Nepal Figured In That

This is all about how I went from thinking of myself as a Tibetan-Buddhist to a humanist, from a Tibeto-Nepalese to a human being first etc., and how and who I have become and where I have gotten to in life -- through my international education, profession, and travels -- was one of the reasons for turning down a job offer in February 2013 to return to Nepal.

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Fly The Coop, You’ll Thank Me For It

Fly the coop as it were and travel the world! You’ll become much more than you ever imagined becoming and you’ll get to places, both literally and figuratively, that you never imagine getting to, some you might have never even bargained for!

Don’t let A culture and/or A people define you completely.

The world awaits!

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