Crystal Clear Magic…in Chemistry

This is challenge number 4 in the series. Here’s actually the video of the demonstration performed in front of the concerned students themselves!

The demonstration was performed at the beginning of the relevant topic. After the topic was completely covered, and the student had learned/mastered the necessary chemistry, we revisited the demonstration. I showed them the video challenging them explain what happened.

How would one go about figuring that out?

  1. First, you have to determine or identify the chemical process that took place.
  2. Then, logically deduce the identities of the chemicals (crystalline salts) involved using your knowledge of salts and their colors.
  3. And finally, explain the observation/process, including a chemical equation.

What can throw off some students is the fact that all the chemicals involved are solid.

The Beauties won a point in this one.

Why don’t you have a go at explaining what happened?

(Incidentally, this video appears elsewhere in this blog as well. If you would like some hints, click here to see it being presented as a MYP Year 5 task and here as an IB Diploma chemistry task. Both contain some useful additional information.)



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