Green Volcano

This is challenge number 5 in the series. Here’s a video of the demonstration performed in front of the concerned students themselves!

The challenge was for them to:

  1. Identify the chemical, and
  2. provide an explanation for the process, supported by a balanced chemical equation.

By this time, the students had covered Redox Reactions. They would have also learned about the general color of compounds of different groups of elements. Just the appearance of two compounds involved — the reactant and one of the products — would have given them some clues as to the identity of the reactant.

Additionally, just one visible and solid product, would have also hinted at one or more products invisible to the eye, and therefore possibly one (or more) being a colorless gas.

Making observations and deductions from them such as the ones here, are valuable skills in any field/subject not just science, of course. Exercises/activities such as these help develop and hone those skills.

In this particular activity, there is a solution, a correct answer. Both the Beauties and Brawns found the answer!

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