No Chemistry…No Love!

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In my previous incarnation as a high school Chemistry teacher, I would begin a topic with a multi-media PowerPoint presentation.

The objectives were to:

  1. introduce the most important concept in the topic,
  2. get my students’ imagination going,
  3. put the topic into wider context, and
  4. start the topic with some…laughter!!

I thought some teachers and students might find those presentations useful. So I have decided to publish them all here as well.

The following is the introduction to the subject of IB Diploma Chemistry. As such, it contains images which also appear in the topic introductory presentations, such as BondingKinetics etc.

Of course, since I didn’t record the presentation, my commentaries are missing. But it might be interesting (challenging?) for you to try and figure out what I must have accompanied each slide with!

With this particular presentation, when the students walked into the classroom, they would have been greeted with the title slide projected on the whiteboard and Rush’s Chemistry playing in the background!

Update January 6, 2017

Google Drive publish function stopped working and so, finding no alternative, I have had to convert the PowerPoint presentation into a movie.

What do you think I accompanied the slides with? Or what was I trying to get across with those images?

Be my guest, have a go…in the comment section below!



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