TISA Hot Air Ballooneys: Race to Enter & Fuel Analysis

fuel analysis - feat image
One of the groups’ fuel analysis setup.

My MYP year 4 students began their preparation for the “Ballooney Baku” hot air balloon race by first deciding on the category to enter their balloon in and the kind of fuel they should be looking for (see worksheet below).

Then, the next task for them was to analyse the available “fuels” in the lab to find the “best” fuel for the purpose using the set-up in the worksheet.

The following PowerPoint slides outlines the learning objective, the fuel-analysis setup, plus a sample data and calculation.


If you could take part in, which “race” would you have entered your balloon in? Why? Feel free to share below.


Note to Teachers

If you don’t have aluminium or copper calorimeters, you can make do with cans, just regular old cans will do.



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