Coming across a tweet recently consisting of a photoshopped image, of course, my science-teacher brain noticed something about the image and prompted me to share the question that popped up in my head.

To begin with, here’s the tweet.

The tweet says that they photoshoped the hoarding board and, of course, they made sure to also include a reflection of the board underneath it on the surface of the flooded fields.

Here’s a reproduction of the image.

As you might also be able to tell, the size of the reflection (image) on the surface of the water is exactly the same as the board itself. I made measurements and also confirmed it to be so.

Here is the tweet where I asked the science question about it.

To reiterate the question: Should the image of the hoarding board underneath it be exactly the same size as depicted in the photoshopped image? If so, why? If not, what should it be and why?

Second question: The image on the surface of the water is upside down. Why?

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Every problem is preceded by a description of all the concepts involved.


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